Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Long-Awaited Kitchen Reveal!

It's been almost four months since we gutted our kitchen.  And I mean G-U-T-T-E-D!  Right down to the outer walls of the ol' farmhouse.

We had lots of little problems to solve along the way but bit by bit we tackled each one until we finally have a rustic little functioning farmhouse kitchen.  YAY!

But first, let me remind y'all what it looked like when we moved in...

In this photo I am getting ready to thoroughly clean it thus all the cleaning stuff all over the counters.

This photo was taken from the mudroom (note the wall and doorway).

And this photo was taken when CountryBoy was in the process of fixing the leaky sink.

Unfortunately, I don't have very many before shots because once we discovered the oven didn't work we decided to gut the whole thing making that our first major project.

Here it is completely gutted and the walls dividing the kitchen and mudroom are gone which gained us a little extra square footage since we were extending the kitchen to the outside door on the left.

Now that you're all caught up, without further ado, I give you our rustic little farmhouse kitchen...

We took the cast iron range (and yes, it is ridiculously heavy!) completely apart and gave it a good scrubbing.  Then we lightly sanded any rust off and spray painted the cast iron with a high-heat spray paint.

Unfortunately, we have not fixed the non-working oven yet.  But, we haven't given up on it (we just haven't made it a priority) and the stove top works great so for now, we'll keep using the toaster oven to warm and heat things up.

Speaking of warming and heating things up did you notice that there is no microwave in there?  When we were designing the new kitchen CountryBoy asked where the microwave was going and I told him there wasn't going to be one in there.  He was a little taken aback but quickly recovered and neither of us has missed not having one.

The range is a very low/short range so we built a platform for it to sit on.  Kind of like the star of the kitchen!

We reused the original cabinet doors (just gave them a good sanding and a new coat of paint) and the shelves were from the original kitchen walls.  We made the countertops from 2x6's and my rustic cabinet is made from barnwood from the old chicken coop.

CountryBoy came up with this awesome scrap bowl drawer!  It works great and is tucked away and out of sight until we take the contents to the compost bin or chickens (depending on what's in there.). 

We added a few conveniences, like this pullout trash and recyclable drawer.

And, this pullout drawer under the sink so we can get to the cleaning stuff.

The floors are made out of high-grade plywood that we had cut into 8 inch strips then we stained and sealed them.

We hung the cast iron pots from a piece of black iron pipe mounted on the wall and some of my utensils are hanging from an old metal rake we brought here from Florida.

To make the kitchen feel bigger we cut a window out above the coffee and tea bar.

Coffee or tea anyone?  Or maybe a piece of fruit?  How 'bout a pickle, ha?!

Then there's my farm sink.  I love my sink!  It has been SO nice being able to wash big pots and poke salad and berries in it.  Plus, it just looks awesome!

CountryBoy made these glass holders for me and attached them to the underside of the reclaimed shelf.  They are a great space saver and makes it so convenient to grab some water out of my adorable drink dispenser!

We also widened the doorway into the kitchen.  It helps bring more light into the dark hallway and gives the kitchen a larger, more open feel.

I still need to paint the trim but I haven't decided yet what I want to do with them so, they will stay this way for the time being.

The shelf to the right of the sink is for my taters and onions.  I am still looking for the perfect baskets but, for now, the plastic bins I already had are doing the job until the right ones come along.

There ya have it...  Our rustic little farmhouse kitchen!

I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as we're enjoying our rustic little farmhouse kitchen.



Jacque said...

That kitchen is so charming. I love the personal touches you've created.

Debbie said...

Love, love ,love. You and CB did such an awesome job. I know how much work went into this, but everything is so well thought out and functional yet charming and definitely stays within the rustic farm house theme. Can't wait to see it in person!

Becky Lewis said...

It's beautiful!! Ya'll did a great job!!!