Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sewing In A Disaster

A disaster area that is.  sigh.

Those of you that know me know that I like to be somewhat organized.  I say somewhat because, it seems that just when I get things put in an orderly fashion I turn around and everything is in disarray again.  Those sneaky little unorganizer gnomes (wink).

Anyway, CountryBoy and I recently finished the guest room but a lot of the stuff we used during the construction and painting was still upstairs in the landing which I am going to be using as my sewing room.

Here's the sewing room during the guest room project...

With my sewing machines buried behind the mattress there was no sewing happening there!

So, I started crocheting chair socks for the dining room chairs.  I finally finished all 24 of them and was ready to start a new project.

Now that the mattress is in the guest room where it belongs and I had access to my sewing machines I wanted to get started on the quilt for the guest room.

Starting a new sewing project always intimidates me for some reason.  But, once I psyche myself up to start I always enjoy it.

I also like to have a nice, organized and visually pleasing creative space and right now my space is far from any of those things.

My yarn and fabric stashes are stored in plastic totes and shoved in the corner.  They will remain in the totes until we can seriously tackle this room and come up with pretty and functional storage solutions.

This morning I took the leftover construction stuff downstairs and CountryBoy stored it away.

He is working on a solution for the new track light we installed.  Previously, there was a fan there but with the low ceilings and the need for a light source in the landing we chose to put the fan in the guest room and add the track lighting.  Problem is, there is a continual electrical current there with no switches connected to it.  So, for now, we have a bench at the top of the stairs with a lamp on it to illuminate the stairs at night and I will use a lamp on my sewing table.

I have chosen (or at least try to) ignore the mess and just get started sewing up there.

I got my trusty little Singer Featherweight out and here you can see I'm ready to start sewing strips together.

Last night I finished sewing twenty strips of three together and you can see them draped on the stuff on top of the luggage rack waiting to be pressed.

I am spending today working in the landing/sewing room.  I have already removed the construction stuff, next up is working on the walls and prepping them for paint.  They are in rough shape.  Lots of nails, holes, shelves that need to be taken down and some pretty bad drywall patch jobs.  It's going to take me a while but I will continue to sew in the evenings as I work on the room during the day.  I mean, it can't get any worse, can it?!  I know, famous last words, ha!

Now where's my hammer and spackling (wink)!


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