Wednesday, July 15, 2015

All In A Summers Day

This Summer has found us doing a little bit of everything.  From tending the garden to harvesting to flowers to readying the guest room to preparing for winter to relaxing.

The garden is doing unbelievably well.  We've been blessed with nourishing rains to water and feed the gardens.

We've been readying the guest room for visitors.  The ceiling and walls are painted and the bed is set up and made.  Now it's the fun time of finding things to decorate and furnish it.  

I've also started a quilt for this room in those few hours when I get to relax!

Summer brings flowers.  I found these begonias on clearance at our favorite home improvement store for  $1 each.

They are twice this size now and are helping pretty up the front porch.  (As long as we can keep the chickens (who are coming in to eat the cat food, sigh) away from them!)

The summer flowers attracts beautiful butterflies.

The front pasture is loaded with clover and is buzzing with bees and butterflies.

The rainy summer brought about a huge growth of weeds and brush in the paddock.

You can see in the photo above that the brush is taller than CountryBoy on the tractor.  Nothing like just plowing through and hoping you don't come across a ditch!

Much better!

We had a terrible thunder and lightening storm the other night which made me think of the old lightening rods on the barn.

There's three of them spanned across the top of the barn roof.  Aren't they cool?!

In planning for winter heat sources we decided to purchase a propane tank and have it relocated for easier access to be filled.  The rental tank was located beside the house and had become penned in with trees and shrubs.  CountryBoy used the tractor, some skids and a choker to move it out of there so the propane company can pick it up without having to cut the trees and shrubs back (since it's not the time of year to be doing that).

We've had the utilities marked for when they come to dig the trench to run the gas lines from the new tank to the house.

(The chickens are always ready to help in any project, wink!)

The plentiful rain has filled the creek a bit more.  This section of the creek is one of my favorite spots.  It's a little peninsula by the bridge where the black raspberry patch is.  One day, I hope we can tackle this area.

Summer also calls for homemade ice cream.

We made our first batch of homemade Butter Pecan ice cream using the old hand-crank ice cream maker we found at an antique store.

The ice cream was yummy!

And, while we eat our homemade ice cream we are planning and prepping for winter heat sources.

Fireplace A, we'll call it, is getting a wood-burning insert with triple-walled pipe that will replace the current gas pipe.  (It's a shame we can't use the same pipe.)

CountryBoy removed the gas stove and the mantel.  The installers will remove the existing gas pipe when they do the installation which will, hopefully, be around the end of this week or next.

Fireplace B is on the backside of A and faces the living room.  We will install a vent-less gas heater and rework the mantel for a better fit (and figure out a better solution for the wires).

Now to find some fire wood.  But, first, let me finish my ice cream!

Summers.  A busy time with everything from A to Z.

Love it!


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