Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sightseeing and Shopping

For those of you keeping up with the renovation of the kitchen via our Facebook page then you know that we have been hard at work on the kitchen and little by little it is beginning to resemble a kitchen.

We still have a ways to go before it is complete.  Lots and lots of little time-consuming details being done bit by bit.

Yesterday, neither of us could drum up the motivation needed to get to work so we decided to do some sightseeing and check out whatever flea markets and antique shops we found along the way.

At the first shop, I found a mirror for the chicken coop; a little something to occupy the girls and keep them entertained, wink!

We didn't purchase anything at the second shop in a town north of us but since we were near the Mountain Parkway we decided to head east and check out The Natural Bridge.

What a gorgeous showcase of God's handiwork!

We took the Sky Lift to get to the bridge.

Up, up and away...

It was such a peaceful and relaxing ride while we took in the beauty of the countryside.

Once we exited the Sky Lift we took a very short hike and were walking on The Natural Bridge...

The edge of The Natural Bridge; straight down...

 A look at the viewing area where you can see The Natural Bridge...

Hubba-hubba Hubby on the bridge, wink!

Going below The Natural Bridge; it was a tight squeeze!

A view from underneath...

A tree growing out of the side of The Natural Bridge...

We took another short hike to the viewing area...


Another view of rocky mountains from the viewing area and once again, it is straight down...

Trees framing God's amazing handiwork!

After soaking in the beauty we headed back to the Sky Lift.  How exhilarating going over the edge!

It was a long way down but the beauty was a sight to behold!

After that, we headed home making a stop at a local flea market where I found the Ball jar and a stop at Hobby Lobby for the shelf brackets.

The Natural Bridge is in a Kentucky State Park that offers lodging and dining as well.  Prior to taking the Sky Lift, we ate at the lodge.  While CountryBoy was handling the check I headed to the gift shop.  I found some measuring spoons that I have been looking for for ages.  See, I found them a long time ago at a gift-type store and hem-hawed about purchasing them.  I didn't want to spend the money at that time and thought I would be able to find them again but, until yesterday, I never saw them again anywhere.  I decided I'd better get them!

How cute are they with the roosters on them?!

We had a great time seeing the sights, shopping and finding a few items for the kitchen.

Today, it was back to work on the kitchen.

It's getting closer to being a bonafide kitchen one can cook in.  Yay!

Till next time,

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Britt Wynn said...

Belk has those measuring spoons, along with measuring cups to match. They will have them on sale for 50% off sometimes, usually around holidays. I have some with my initial on them and love them.