Friday, August 28, 2015

All In A Days' Work

It's been another busy day here at the farm.

There always seems to be something going on in the farmhouse kitchen these days.

The little Country Charm range is cooking, reducing, boiling, roasting and canning just about every other day.

Tomatoes and okra seem to be never-ending.

I've been pickling the okra.

Tomatoes can be found on the kitchen counter, kitchen window sill, in baskets on the kitchen counter... they're everywhere!

The previous batch of tomatoes were roasted with garlic, basil, salt and pepper then pureed in the food processor.  The farmhouse smelled SO good!  Today I strained it, reduced it a bit then canned it.

Today's batch were simply roasted with some salt and pepper and pureed.  I will can this batch another day.

Here's today's canning results...

 Seven pints of roasted tomato, garlic & basil sauce and nine pints of pickled okra.

While I was working in the kitchen CountryBoy gathered some hay from the lower pasture.

Ah, the ever present helpers!

Three truck loads later we have a stall full of hay.

Before gathering the hay he dug up some potatoes...

These are from just a small area that he dug up...

We have lots more to dig up.

Which, is one of the reasons for the hay.  We're going to use some of it to help store the taters over winter.

We are getting nine, sometimes ten eggs a day from the helpers, er girls, er chickens!

Eight of them were in the nest boxes in the coop today and the other two were in the wood shed where CountryBoy made a nest for them.  We're good with that!  Let's hope they keep laying in either of those spots.

This type of work is not your typical days' work for most people but, for us, it's becoming very typical.  And, we love it!

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