Monday, March 2, 2015

Some Lovelies

I thought I'd give y'all a break from seeing so much demolition going on 'round here and show you some of the views from my walk to the mailbox.

These shots were taken last Friday when the snow still covered the farmstead.

On the way to the mailbox I shot this just after crossing the bridge (that needs to be fixed come Spring).

Snow Covered Banks
The water is flowing nicely.

This shot was taken on the way back.

A view of the backside of the barn and the paddock.

And this shot is of our snow covered back yard.

Perfect for a sled or snow saucer don't ya think?

This morning much of the snow has disappeared after yesterdays' rain leaving us with a muddy mess near the house.  Which is another issue we will need to address when the weather warms up.

But, for now, I'm not worrying about the mud being tracked in the house because, at this point, the house is in a constant state of 'mess' and I know there will be a day when I can clean and it might stay clean for a bit.  Key word being 'might'.  Ha!


This afternoon I am flying to Florida for two weeks.  I will be visiting family for a bit and attending a Sewing Expo and a Quilt Retreat with a friend.  It's been a while since I've been behind a sewing machine so it will feel strange and good all at the same time.

CountryBoy is staying at the farm and will be taking care of the cats and LizzieBelle.  He hopes to start putting the kitchen back together.

There's still much to be done before the pretty stuff goes in.  Things like plumbing, electrical, finishing part of the ceiling and building a false wall with a trap door for access to the main water shutoff valve.

It will be fun coming home and discovering what all has been done.

I will not be blogging while I'm gone but I may post a thing or two on our Facebook page whenever I have internet access.

Speaking of Facebook, I posted the Facebook Like button in the margin on the right.  If you're on Facebook and would like to keep up with us on there then please click on Like.  Or, if you would like to get an email notice when a new blog post has been published simply provide your email address located in the right margin as well.

I'm off to some warmer temperatures but want to leave you with this cute picture...

Creamsicle enjoying the afghan I'm working on, smile.

Stay well friends and I'll be back soon!


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